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  • Let's Get Ready to Rumble

    June is only a few days away and what better way to kick off the summer than with some fights?! This weekend we have a blockbuster of fights as Mission athletes will be taking to the ring on both the FIRST and SECOND day of June. If you've fought or been around fighters before you know how grueling the months leading up to a fight can be. Training sessions multiply, diets dwindle and chaos ensues as those athletes do whatever they can to physically and mentally prepare themselves for the challenges ahead. Our athletes are no different and it's important for us to be there, pushing them with our support as teammates to keep going and push through those obstacles that await them. This ....

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  • March is for Spring and Fights!

    March is for Spring and Fights!

    We're halfway through March which means spring is in the air and fights are happening! This month is packed with Mission members fighting. We all train to make not only ourselves better, but those around us as well! The members we have fighting this month go above and beyond to ensure that everyone is getting better, in the right ways. Always putting others before themselves, it's no wonder why these individuals have seen success in the cage and outside of it. We even have one of our members making his inaugural fight debut! Whether it be fighting or anything else in life, having a support system always makes things easier. That's why it's no surprise to see our Mission family ....

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  • Growth Through Training

    Growth Through Training

    Watching our kids grow and learn through martial arts and self-defense. Click on the link and check out this highlight of our kids in action and putting their skills to use in friendly competition. Interested? Contact Us and learn about our programs! ....

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  • Teaching Our Future

    Teaching Our Future

    Mission Kids! Watching the growth of our students in the kids program has been nothing short of impressive. The development of not only techniques and skills, but also ability to focus, respect for coaches and overall self-confidence has been fun to watch. Contact us if you have are interested in getting your kids involved in a great program taught in a fun and safe environment. ....

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  • This One’s For The Kids!!

    This One’s For The Kids!!

    On March 24th from 10am-1pm, we will be hosting a Seminar lead by 12-fight UFC vet and BJJ Black Belt World Champ @beneildariush to raise money for the @shlamafoundation . This is a donation-only event and 100% of contributions will be used to better the lives of the youth effected by the war in Syria. If you’d like to donate/participate, PLEASE contact us or stop by @missionmmachi to sign-up. The Seminar will be broken up into 2 segments for MMA/Striking and BJJ. Open to any MMA/BJJ enthusiasts that want to train, donate, watch or just meet a World Champ!! ....

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  • Taking It To The Next Level

    Taking It To The Next Level

    Nothing is given, everything is earned: This weekend @missionmmachi was special for a lot of reasons, but seeing @saidhatim75 get his black belt was the pinnacle! This man puts his heart and soul into everything he does and you’ll know that from the first time you step on the mats with him. He makes no excuses and everyone knows he doesn’t accept them from anyone else either. Thank you coach, for everything you do for our students and our Mission family! Congratulations!! OSS! #bjj #blackbelt #missionmmachi #hatimstyle #onamission #motabjj #bjjblackbelt ....

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  • Comprido Seminar @ Mission - Feb 24th

    Comprido Seminar @ Mission - Feb 24th

    We are happy to welcome back Coach Comprido for the 2nd year in a row for a seminar at Mission MMA and Fitness! Coach Comprido is a Black Belt World Champ, Pan Am Champ, Brazilian National Champ and many other accomplishments through his extensive BJJ career. We will be hosting on February 24th from 12pm-3pm for Mission students and outside students interested in being apart of the seminar and learning some new techniques from one of the greats. There are still a few spots left, so please contact us if you would like to join! ....

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  • School's Out!  Kid's Muay Thai/BJJ/Self-Defense!

    School's Out! Kid's Muay Thai/BJJ/Self-Defense!

    Looking for a way to keep active in the summer? Interested in Kid's Martial Arts and Self-Defense?? Mission Kid's Program offers lessons in Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from highly experienced coaches with extensive training backgrounds. These programs give kids the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of these martial arts as well as the discipline and focus needed to improve on the skills. Go to the 'Contact Us' page to enter your information and someone will quickly reach out to provide additional information. Or email us at ....

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  • Marcelo "Cazuza" Kropotkin Workshop

    Marcelo "Cazuza" Kropotkin Workshop

    If you are looking to try jiu-jitsu, Monday's BJJ workshop is the perfect opportunity for all levels! On Monday 5/8 at 7:30 pm, Marcelo "Cazuza" Kropotkin will be teaching a BJJ workshop at Mission MMA. If you would like to participate please make sure you bring your white gi (as usual). Non-member drop-in is $25. It is an honor to have Marcelo! ....

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  • All Womens BJJ Open Mat in Chicago

    All Womens BJJ Open Mat in Chicago

    Ladies of Chicago,

    We will be holding open mat on the last Saturday of this month exclusively for you! Bring a few friends and come and learn some expert self defense moves with us at Mission MMA and Fitness!

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