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Movement and Mobility with Coach Jeremy Liban

 in 	 Chicago - Mission MMA And Fitness

Movement + Mobility exercises are a great way to not only improve flexibility but optimize physical performance both in and out of the gym. These exercises will trigger flexibility, function, and strength. Coach Jeremy Libanis a student and teacher of movement + mobility. He has trained with world renowned experts in strength, athletic performance, movement, and martial arts. Jeremy combines the use of bodyweight movements, calisthenics, kettlebell, suspension training and various implements in his training, designed to challenge the body and the mind of his students. Jeremy originally grew up in Chicago, and he is extremely excited to share his passion to help his students maximize their full potential in their physical fitness, movement quality and overall health. His holistic approach to training is pragmatic, fun and results-driven.


Be sure to stop by and join Coach Jeremy's "Better Than Bootcamp" class every Tuesday/Thursday at 6:00am and Saturday's at 7:30am



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