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Mission MMA And Fitness Reviews

  • Ricardo H. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    This gym has it all! A great clean and vibrant environment. The coaches are truly elite and I can't emphasize this enough! I went to other gyms that had decent coaches but these guys will just keep you hooked. These coaches and members are my family and they will get me to my Mission! :) <3!!!

    Ricardo H.
  • Jackie V. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    Mission MMA is hands down one of the best martial arts gyms in Chicago. It's a great place to train and to get a great workout in. Awesome people, knowledgeable staff, and a great facility.

    Jackie V.
  • Kimmy P. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    I have attended their "better than bootcamp" class time after time and always leave knowing I got a great workout, worked hard, and had fun with my friends. Mission MMA has great facilities, ample parking, and is a beautiful new gym. I would recommend this gym to anyone looking for a challenging workout, wanting to try something new, or maintaining their health. The staff is super helpful with any questions about memberships and keep those white mats clean!

    Kimmy P.
  • Jae R. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    Well equipped, clean, spacious, world-class coaches from the beginner to the fighter, Mission has it all. Great location and easy to get to. If you have the will, Mission coaches can show you the way. Come in and challenge yourself to become the better person you know you are.

    Jae R.
  • Edirin I. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    This is by far the best MMA/kickboxing gym I have ever been to, and it's not a statement I use lightly because I have trained (and continue to train) with some other excellent coaches and gyms here in the Chicago area. The spacious, clean, and elegant facility fitted with Yokkao Muay Thai equipment is great! The strength and mobility area with kettle bells and steel maces is fantastic! And of course the kickboxing instruction of Coach Said Hatim is world-class! Mission also has an early morning strength and conditioning class, led by Coach Jeremy, which challenges you like nothing else. Finally, I have to mention how awesome the owners and management (Jim and Bob) are. They are great people who really care about the joy of the sport and building a comfortable and accepting atmosphere. I am very happy to be a part of the Mission MMA family. 5 stars.

    Edirin I.
  • Jessica S. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    Mission hosted an incredible self defense class for my company! Bob, Jim, and Jimmy taught our group of girls how to protect themselves both physically and mentally against harm. They did a fantastic job making the class fun while getting the serious message (and extremely helpful lessons) across. We all agree that it was one of our absolute favorite activities out of everything we've done. These three men are personable, kind, and genuinely want to help you better yourself! Loved loved loved our time at Mission and can't wait to go back for fitness classes! Thank you!!!!

    Jessica S.
  • Johanna D. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    Mission gives an AMAZING self defense class!! We went with a group of coworkers (all females) and the class was extremely informative, practical, and so fun! Each of us left feeling empowered, stronger, and excited to come back for another class! I highly recommend this class to anyone. Thank you to Bob, Jimmy, and Jim for a perfect self defense experience!!

    Johanna D.
  • Dorian P. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    Said Hatim is an amazing coach! His instruction style is highly motivating and his technique is unparalleled. I highly recommend Mission MMA and fitness for anyone interested in real martial arts, for sports, fitness and self defense. The place is top notch with awesome instructors and the best equipment money can buy.

    Dorian P.
  • John P. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    A very great environment. Great people and very friend, family friendly and I highly recommend trying it out and signing up. You wanna learn Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu jitsu and MMA? Then this is the place for you. Nothing but great vibe.

    John P.
  • Avery M., Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    Said Hatim is an excellent teacher who genuinely cares about the progress and well being of his students. He combines fun and creative workouts with world class instruction and honest and motivating guidance. I have nothing but great things to say and I'd recommend his program to anyone with ears!

    Avery M.
  • Ismail A. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    This facility is very clean and well organized programs. It is the Top jujitsu and MMA gym I have enrolled my son into(we have been to 4 other gyms) and I am overly impressed by this gym. The trainers are professional, respectful, and enjoy what they do. Even the students who attend the classes are good people and respectful. I wish I could rate Mission MMA higher than 5 stars, they all around are fantastic!

    Ismail A.
  • Joel B. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    As a beginner in this world, I would encourage ANYONE with even an interest to come let Said teach you... Started in his garage and I'll follow to the new space. Can't wait for doors to open!!

    Joel B.
  • Tommy C. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    I want to first mention that I am not a student here, however if I lived closer I would. I have trained here on multiple occasions and I have to say the staff and its students are top notch. Their Muay Thai and jiu jitsu instructors are the best at what they do and accommodate all skill levels. No matter what your goals are, they can help you get there.

    Tommy C.
  • Jessica M. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    I've always wanted to learn Muay Thai and just have a better discipline with my personal fitness, and Mission MMA is the best place that could've been recommended to me. Said Hatim is an amazing coach; he's very knowledgeable, humble, and has a great sense of humor and approachable way of explaining things that makes you excited about learning and working on progressing. He's also an awesome fighter that I'm lucky to be learning from!

    Jessica M.
  • Becky G. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    Went here for a work event! I work in a female dominated industry, and our company signed us up for a one-time self defense class at Mission. The gentlemen here were AMAZING! Very professional, kind, funny, and wonderful to work with. The gym itself was well maintained and very clean. I loved my experience and felt that I learned a lot while getting a great work out. I would highly recommend other companies to schedule events with Mission or even as a personal gym.

    Becky G.
  • Bart W. , Mission MMA And Fitness Testimonials

    Mission MMA is a great place to learn Muay Thai, BJJ, wrestling and how to creatively mix techniques together. The coaches possess high-level, practical conditioning and martial arts knowledge backed with experience, which they share in a very welcoming, friendly manner. This environment has been helping me to become stronger both physically and mentally. Coaches care, facility is clean and well run, and the teammates feel like an extended family.

    Bart W.


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